Pet Tails Rescue was founded by Maureen Cahill in March 2012. Our facility is located on Route 4 in Northwood, NH is utilized for quarantine, training and adoptions. The Rescue is completely operated and supported by a group of dedicated volunteers committed to the rescue and placement of homeless dogs and cats.

Pet Tails Rescue is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in NH, registered with the NH Charitable Trust, and an approved Rescue/Shelter registered with the NH Department of Agriculture.  Since our inception in March 2012 we have rescued and rehomed nearly 4,000 animals from high kill shelters that would never have had the opportunity for a wonderful life due to the severe overcrowding conditions in southern shelters.

We adopt dogs and cats primarily throughout New England. Most all of our animals have spent a considerable time with a loving foster family prior to adoption so we have a good idea of their temperament and personalities are able to do a “good match” with a prospective family.

We utilize Facebook, Adopt-A-Pet, partnerships with other organizations and businesses to advertise available pets.

PDF of our Board Of Directors

Maureen Cahill, President & Executive Director

Hailing from New York originally, but having been a New Englander since 1980, Maureen became the founding member of Pet Tails Rescue when she launched it in April of 2012.

Her rescue dog, Mattie, inspired her to follow her dream to help animals and retire from being in the Insurance Agency world, which she had dedicated over 30 years. From Whiskers, her first dog, through her current dog, Piper, Maureen has had so much love throughout her life for animals that it motivates her to continue rescue efforts.

Maureen and her wife Sandra have one child, eight cats, and one dog, all adopted with love. When not trying to unite families one adoption at a time, Maureen enjoys writing, art galleries, and the many antiquing opportunities her community provides.

Maureen is most proud of the community Pet Tails Rescue has established, rescuing well-over 5,000 animals thus far.

Aida Rule, Vice President

Adi Rule has a soft spot for senior cats and grumpy roosters. She has lived with an array of creatures throughout her life and has loved them all, and feels that rats are the most underrated companions.

The pandemic found her hatching chicks for the first time since she was a kid (all of whom are destined to live out the entirety of their natural lives) and introducing mason bees into her backyard who apparently did not enjoy their carefully crafted mason bee condo and flew off into the sunset.

When she’s not feeding birds or scooping litter, Adi writes books for young people, most recently Why Would I Lie? and Hearts of Ice (Scholastic).

Adi lives in Northwood with two cats, a blue and gold macaw, a personal trainer, and a small but mighty flock of chickens. Visit her online at

Pam Palmquist Bingham, Executive Secretary

For many years, Pam had a career in social work, but now her and her husband own solar businesses. Pam likes to say she and Jack are saving the planet one solar panel at a time. They recently down-sized to their forever home in NH on their way to net-zero sustainability.

They have two dogs, Cosmo and Pebbles, and a kitty named Kizzy, all adopted from Pet Tails Rescue. Pam met Kizzy in summer of 2021 and instantly knew he had to move in with her, acknowledging falling in love with fuzzy faces is an occupational hazard at Pet Tails. Two Maine Coon cats, Pyckles and PeeVee, round out the menagerie at Pam’s home.

When she’s not triaging adoption applications for Pet Tails Rescue, she enjoys singing and in the 4th Street Jazz, a small jazz ensemble, and playing her djembe in Akimbo!, a drum group that’s been together for twenty years.

Tiffany Tomaselli, Executive Treasurer

Tiffany has a great love for all animals. Her past volunteer experiences include walking dogs at a local shelter and spending six years as a puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. She successfully raised three puppies, all of which went on to become working guide dogs.

Her first dog, Kaplan, is retiring from guide work soon and will be coming back to spend his golden years with her.

Tiffany lives in New Hampshire with her two cats, Gatsby and Lola. She has had all kinds of pets from birds to a horse. She works full-time as a loan processor.

In her spare time Tiffany enjoys traveling, learning new things, partaking in various hobbies like learning fiddle and jet skiing on the lake, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets.

She and Sharon ride horses around the world together.

Sharon Mikutel,
Director of Marketing & Communications

Sharon has grown up with animals, being born into a family that had multiple dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and goats at the time. Throughout her years, she’s also had cows, sheep, pigs, rabbits, ducks, geese, cockatiels, canaries, and an iguana.

An elementary school teacher for over seventeen years, she currently has a Great Dane named Vader, three rescue cats named Carrot, Sprout and Whiskey from Pet Tails, two tropical fish named London and Paris, a hedgehog named Chess, and two horses named Navajo and Cheyenne.

A frequent traveler with her husband and daughter, she also enjoys her time exploring Earth with Tiffany.

When not enjoying time with family and friends, you’ll find her in the garden, jumping out of planes, teaching yoga, reading Adi’s novels, or napping in the sun by her pool.

Jeanne Kelly, Member at Large

Preferring dogs to people her whole life, Jeanne grew up in northern Massachusetts and settled into southern New Hampshire.

Currently retired but showing no signs of slowing down, she frequently RVs to new destinations with her husband.

Jada was her last dog, a special lady from a local rescue who was a gentle, loving dog.

Jeanne enjoys riding on the back of their motorcycle, reading, gardening, and helping Pet Tails Rescue because it runs completely from the love the volunteers have for animals.